Friday, July 27, 2012

Tae Kwon Do Not Mess with Her

Throughout the years, Cara has participated in various extracurricular activities.  She's taken swimming, dance, gymnastics, tball, and volleyball.  Though she has enjoyed all of those, she's never had a passion for any one particular hobby.  That is, until she started taking Tae Kwon Do.

Initially, her interest in Tae Kwon Do stemmed from her love of the cartoon "Avatar".  The show may have been the catalyst, but her determination and drive with this has gone way beyond fandom.

Now, my daughter hates deadlines.  But within weeks of getting her white belt, Cara stated with certainty, "I am going to get my red belt in two years." This was not based on a timeline from her instructor. It was a goal that she had set on her own based on how serious she was about this new sport.

Not once has my daughter asked to stay home from a class.  Cara has approached every single class day with excitement.  She practices her form regularly.  She shares her excitement by trying to teach her brother some of the steps she's learned (when he lets her).
White belt in October 2011 with her yellow belt a month later.
Orange belt in January 2012.
She got her green belt in March 2012 and just passed her purple belt test this week.
Cara has remained focused on her self-imposed goal, her commitment never wavering.  She is now two belts away with over a year left on her deadline.  

I had my doubts in the beginning that she'd even still be interested in Tae Kwon Do at this point.  After watching her these past months, I am certain that we will be posting pictures of Cara in her new red uniform with a matching red belt months before her two year mark arrives.

You know what Craig loves best about Cara taking these classes?  

Cara's learned to beat up boys.

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