Sunday, July 8, 2012

Dragon Breath

This afternoon, the kids had one of their cousins over to play.  After about an hour or so, my presence was requested upstairs.  There's usually two main reasons I get summoned upstairs.  1) To play referee to some sibling squabble, or 2) To watch some presentation on something the kids came up with. Today's invitation was for the latter of the two.

When I get upstairs, this is what I see:

The girls had fashioned a dragon costume and were having a blast.  My favorite part of this outfit was the fabric they had coming out of the dragon's mouth.  When one of the girls was wearing the mask and blew out, the fabric would wave as though the dragon was breathing fire.  I was in awe of their creativity, so I stuck around to see how this would play out.

The girls were focused on navigating the living room in their getup and fine-tuning the fire-breathing. Connor tried a few different approaches to include himself in the dragon game, asking questions of the 6-legged creature to no avail.

He had finally settled on character to play when he declared, "I'm a scientist and I know about dragons and one thing I know is dragons DO NOT listen to scientists."

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