Sunday, July 15, 2012

Paint Job

For our lazy Saturday, the kids had come up with their own agenda for the day, taking turns writing down things that they'd like to do. One of Cara's items was to play dress up. When it came her turn, Cara asked Connor what he would like to dress up as. "A dragon. A monster. Mario." When she pinned him down for just one answer, she got to working on his costume.
A few minutes later, Connor came into the living room to present his new outfit.
Connor's overalls with Cara's shirt and gloves. Cara made the hat with construction paper and tape.
Now, a couple of months ago, I sprung for a face painting kit from the craft store.  And by sprung, I mean I printed up a coupon and bought it for half the marked price.  Yeah. I'm crazy like that. This is the same brand of face paint that the face paint lady at Nickelodeon Universe used and, after we've used it quite a few times, I can't recommend it enough. It goes on easily and comes off when you need it to. Best eight dollars I've ever spent.

No Luigi costume would be complete without the mustache, so Cara and Connor went outside with the face paint and got to work.
Working on the unibrow.
The other plumber brother.
Connor had gotten a turn painting Cara's arm, but she had asked if I would paint her face with something abstract. After I painted her, she got to make me up.
Painted ladies
What a fun way to spend a lazy Saturday.

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