Monday, September 12, 2011

Repeating... for the First Time

      It's taken me months to get here, but here I am!  My new blog!  The spot where I plan on posting quotes from my kids and parenting anecdotes to show you how gosh-darned hilarious my kids, my husband, and myself are. 

     I thought of the name "Mom: Repeating" for one main reason:  I have wildly entertaining children and I have no shame in repeating what they say on a regular basis.  Once I landed on that name, I starting thinking that there were other ways in which the name was fitting.

     While up to my elbows in parenting, I often say things that are vaguely familiar.  It's like a kind of echo.  And not one of those really cool, Grand Canyon-type echoes.  It's the kind of echo that makes you shudder and give your best Keanu Reeves "Whoa!".  I am an echo of my parents.  The phrases just start falling out of my mouth.  The time of "just wait until you have children" has arrived and, though I cringe admitting this, my parents were right!

     I have found that parenting involves a lot of saying the same thing over and over and over again.  Not only do I have to repeat things on different occasions, I do it in the same breath.  Instead of just saying their name one time to get their attention, I have to say it three, each time increasing in volume.  "Cara. Cara. CARA!" Replace the child's name with "no" or "don't" or "stop" and you've just experienced the soundtrack of my children's life.

     The journey through parenthood is riddled with repetition.  Though we have the benefit of learning from our parents and those around us, each parents' journey is unique because each child is unique.  And, honestly, would we have it any other way?

     I am working on integrating this blog with our current website.  I just added an archive of "Kid Quotes" from both of the kids through the years (found in the Extras section of our main site).  So, please bare with me as I try and figure this blog stuff out.  And, if I repeat myself, you can't say I didn't warn you.