Friday, June 1, 2012

Happy 5th Birthday, Connor

I wanted to do a nice, retrospective post in honor of Connor's birthday, but we've been busy today celebrating. Instead, I am just going to post the photo collages that I sent with Connor to school today for his classroom birthday celebration.  I think it gives a nice perspective of how much he has grown, but it also shows just how much he's always been "Connor".  To go with the photos, here are some quotes from the kids over the past five years.
With the the birth of her new baby brother approaching, we were explaining to Cara the difference between how boys and girls play. We said, "Boys like to wrestle and play rougher than girls." To that, Cara replied, "I like cats."
After Connor was born, I reminded Cara that her suggestions for her brother's name were Fred and Junior. I then asked her, "What would you name the baby if we decided to have another one?" Immediately she answered, "Pain."
Connor: "Can I scare Cara?"
Me: "No, that's not nice."
Connor: "Is it funny?"
Craig told Connor to do something and Connor refused. Craig gave him the warning that, if Connor didn't do it, Craig would make him. Still no compliance. So, Craig began counting. When he reached the number two, Connor, with his body shaking in fury, says, "I will DESTROY YOU!!!"
Connor:  "I'm gonna put something in my pants.  Wanna come with me?"
Happy birthday to the most hilarious, stubborn, argumentative, brilliant, goofy, compassionate, imaginative five year old boy I've ever known.  I am so proud to call you my son. Except for when you're being a donkey in public. Then you're Daddy's kid.

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