Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Adventures on the Farm - Day 2

Day two on the farm was full of fun and adventure.  If they weren't following Uncle Duane, they were taking turns leading the others around.  They the whole day running and playing and having a total blast.

There were animals to watch...
The farm cat got a special treat.

Uncle Duane teaches the kids about gopher anatomy. Connor wanted no part of this demonstration.
Farm equipment to ride...
Cara actually got to drive this. She liked the air conditioned tractor better, though.
Craig even got a turn on the four wheeler. 
Uncle Travis took Collin for a spin on the riding lawn mower.
Things to climb...
Cara got to look in the silo full of feed corn. 
Cara and Aidan loved scaling the hay bales.
And cousins to play with...
Adventures of the Blue Shirts.
They didn't take too kindly to me sneaking up and taking their picture. 
This time, Connor's in the lead.
We celebrated Connor's and Collin's birthdays. Each boy claimed their piece with their fingers.
Oh yeah.  They're related.
As the evening approached, the kids were still in good spirits and still looking for adventures.  Uncle Duane started a campfire with the help of some very eager children and we all roasted marshmallows.  When the novelty of the marshmallows wore off, the kids were all given hammers (yes, hammers) so that they could assemble some better seats for themselves.
One of the only times we saw Duane sitting down the whole day.
It finally started to get dark and that was our cue to head back to the hotel for the night.  It's always hard to say goodbye to the farm, but after over ten straight hours, even the idea of leaving couldn't wipe the smiles off of the kids' faces.
Already planning her next visit.

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