Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Home Alone

This year, I bought a copy of the movie "Home Alone" since the kids had never watched this holiday classic. Craig was certain the kids would love it as he did when he was a kid. Not only was he right, but we got such a kick out of watching and hearing their reactions to ths film.

While Cara mostly sat with her mouth agape (genetics are awesome), Connor could not be silenced. Here are selections from his commentary:

"Just because his family is gone, doesn't mean he can do whatever he wants."

When Kevin perches his wooden sled at the top of the stairs, Connor says "That's a bad idea." Followed by, "Has he ever gotten a splinter?"

After Kevin lays out his sabotage map, "That's a good battle plan."

At the end of the movie, even though everything turns out fine, Connor says, "Santa's gonna put that kid on the naughty list, I think."

1 comment:

  1. I'm with him - but Kevin was on the naughty list waaaayyy before being left alone. Property damage should be an automatic naughty list designation.

    You're obviously raising that kid to have a conscience - that first comment about killed me!