Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Sacha Doodle

Born on Christmas Day in 2000, Sacha was a black lab mix that was smart and sweet and was the most tolerant dog I've ever met.  Sacha was about 10 months old when Cara was born.  Though most dogs would be upset about such a change in their own lifestyle, Sacha took this new creature in stride and was ready to handle anything this kid could dish out.
"The second I can find a way to get out of this exersaucer, I am gonna take the black furry thing for a spin."
Cara bounced. Sacha took it.
"When Mom isn't looking, it is ride 'em cowboy time."
Cara didn't actually put any weight on the dog's back,
 but that didn't stop Sacha from shooting us the "help a dog out" look.
Since she never actually got to "ride" Sacha, she had to settle for pretending to ride her.
Connor  had such a fascination with Sacha and, though he also tested her tolerance levels, when it boiled right down to it, he was drawn to the dog.  It was fun to watch his interactions with Sacha.  Having lived through the cowgirl years with Cara without even a growl uttered, I knew she would treat the boy just as gingerly.  
"You sure this new kid isn't going to try to ride me, too?"
He loved the dog so much, he even shared his rocks with her.
It was around this age that he'd refer to the dog in a whispery voice as "Shah Shah".
Okay. So he tried riding the dog once.
This boy, without a doubt, loved this dog.
About three years ago, Sacha went to live with a friend of the family.  Sacha spent these years spoiled the way she deserved to be and given the attention that someone that didn't have two kids could provide. We've brought Sacha to the house many times in those three years and the kids provide their own brand of love to the dog whenever they see her.  

Today, we brought Sacha to the house again.  At almost 12, her muzzle is now grey, her steps unsteady.  Tomorrow Sacha will be laid to rest at her favorite place, a farm in Wisconsin that she visited quite a bit in her later years.  Lymphoma has traveled to her liver and her bone marrow and will soon make it so that medicine will no longer provide relief. 
Even today, Sacha remained ever-patient with that curious boy.
Today was our day to say goodbye to the old girl and it broke my heart to do so. She lay around most of the day getting love and attention from us and spending the rest of her time outside (as much as we would allow).  Cara made a green bandanna with the dog's name in red. Sacha, the dog who loves snow and hates thunderstorms. This Christmas dog who would leave the room whenever Craig sneezed.  Our sweet Shah-Shah. We're going to miss you.
That's a good girl, Sacha.

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  1. Aww...sad. I wish I had read this sooner.