Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Color Commentary

Even though my kids know who I will be voting for, I wanted to try to keep my comments during tonight's Presidential debate to a minimum while watching with my daughter.  Little did I know, she had brought a team of experts with her and they were not afraid to weigh in.

Cara, Body Language Expert:
"He gave more waves than the other guy. He's nicer."
"His hands look like they'd be very good for playing piano."

Cara, Fashion Consultant:
"They must keep that room they are in really cold.  Everyone is wearing suits."
"There are lots of light shining on them and I haven't seen any sweat on them yet."
"What's on his American flag pin? That'd be funny if it was a fake mustache."

Cara, Behavioral Psychologist:
"He said that a lot nicer than (the other guy) did."
"It seems that he is saying things to hurt (the other guy). Like, he's trying to be mean."
"He likes ignoring (the moderator). It's like an enjoyment of his."

Cara, Political Analyst:
"He's going to get rid of that (program)? But that's getting rid of jobs!"
"So, it was like 'Your plan sucks.' 'No, your plan sucks.' 'Nooo, I'm pretty sure your plan sucks more.'"

Cara, Fifth Grader
"I don't really know half of what they are talking about."


  1. Have I mentioned recently that I love your child? I don't think I say that nearly enough.

  2. Fantastic review! I like the moustache comment the best lol!

  3. Are you smarter than a 5th grader?...No, apparently, I am not. She has a future in T.V. -- I almost wet my pants laughing from reading the mustache comment.