Friday, April 6, 2012

Touché, little dude.

I have noticed that my children tend to express their love for me right after I've done something for them. "Mom, thanks for the popcorn. I love you." Or, "I love you, Mommy. Can we go to the park again tomorrow?"
Don't get me wrong. I will take all of the PDA from my kids for as long as they dish it out, regardless of when or why they want to. It's just that I can usually tell when my children are going to shower me with verbal affection.
So, when Connor turned to me while we were watching TV (a very un-momentous occasion), I was very surprised to hear such an earnest "I really love you, Mom." Before I could respond in kind, he added, "I am going to marry someone just like you." 
Now, at 4 1/2, I would expect him to say he wanted to marry me instead of someone like me, so I was impressed that he has made that distinction already. I told him that was a nice idea and he then said, "But I don't know who I am going to marry," as if it was a decision he needed to make now.
After assuring him that he had a long time to figure that out, he asked me, "Who did you marry?" (Okay. So maybe I gave him credit too soon.) 
My response to Connor, that I was married to Daddy, caused him to furrow his brow at me. He said, with an accusatory tone, "But Daddy's in our family!" 

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